How to Convert Your Bike to Electric: A Guide for Beginners


A fascinating undertaking that can improve your riding experience and extend the useful life of your bike is converting your conventional bike to electric. With the ease of aided pedalling that electric bikes (e-bikes) offer, longer rides and difficult terrains become more manageable. This tutorial will walk you through the process of switching to an electric bike, making sure you have the skills and equipment required to do the job properly.

The Advantages of Conversion

It’s critical to comprehend the benefits of switching to an electric bike before beginning the conversion process. E-bikes have many advantages, such as less physical strain, faster travel, and longer riding distances. Converting your current bike to an electric motor can allow you to benefit from an electric motor while keeping the familiar frame. This can also be a more affordable option than buying a brand-new e-bike.

How to Choose the Correct Conversion Kit

The process begins with selecting the right conversion kit, which is the most important stage. There are various kinds of kits available, such as mid-drive, rear wheel, and front wheel kits. In general, front wheel sets provide good balance and are simpler to install. Because they offer increased traction, rear-wheel kits are appropriate for off-road and mountainous driving environments. Although they are more complicated and costly, mid-drive kits, which put the motor in the middle of the bike, provide better balance and economy. Think about your riding needs, the terrain, and your budget when choosing a kit. Making sure the kit fits the frame and wheel size of your bike is also crucial.

Assembling the Required Instruments and Parts

To convert your bike, you will need a conversion kit, which usually consists of a motor, battery, controller, and wiring. Essential tools include pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. A torque arm is advised for additional safety, especially when using front wheel kits. Make sure the battery charger you have is compatible with the battery you have chosen.

Step-by-Step Conversion Procedure

First, get your bike ready. Make sure everything is clean and look for any problems. If required, have a professional check-up at a motorcycle repair shop in Singapore to make sure everything is in working order. Installing the motor is the first tangible step in the conversion. Should you have opted for a front or rear wheel kit, you will have to take off the current wheel and swap it out for the motorised one. Make sure the wheel is tightened down and free to spin without any hindrance.

After that, attach the battery to the bike frame. A mounting bracket that slides into the down tube’s bottle cage mounts is a common component of kits. To stop the battery from moving while riding, tightly secure it. The bike frame should have the controller attached, ideally close to the battery, as it controls the flow of power from the battery to the motor. As directed by the instructions included with the kit, carefully connect the wires from the battery, motor, and throttle to the controller. Use zip ties to fasten the wiring securely to avoid interference when riding.

Put the handlebar-mounted throttle and display in place. Depending on your kit, the throttle may be a twist or thumb throttle. Install the display on the handlebars if your kit comes with one to monitor metrics like speed and battery life. Make sure the entire system is working properly before riding your just-converted e-bike. Verify that the motor reacts to the throttle and that all connections are tight. Verify that the motor switches off when braking and that the brakes are operating properly.


Switching to an electric bike can greatly improve your riding experience because of its longer range and ease of usage. You may take advantage of the advantages of electric cycling without having to shell out money for a brand-new bike by choosing the appropriate conversion kit with care, following installation instructions to the letter, and giving your e-bike regular maintenance. Enjoy the ease and enjoyment that come with e-biking, and have fun!


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