Must-Follow Tips for Starting a House Renovation


If you are considering renovating your house but are uncertain about where to start. Then you are not alone in this journey. A lot of house owners jump into renovation porches without having any clue about it and what they must expect in the future. They only come to realize their mistakes when they encounter a renovation mishap and regret not planning about it in advance.

The lack of preparation before beginning the renovation process can be complicated. This is even more complicated than building a new home as you are not beginning with a blank slate. You may experience a lot of unforeseen expenses and issues. Therefore, before you begin the renovation process, here in this guide we have mentioned important things that you must know.

1. Spend Time In The Space

It is an obvious step as time is the major thing when it comes to making decisions about the paint color, carpet, doors, and light fixtures. Do not make any decision about all these things unless you spend some time in the space you desire to have renovated. For instance, when it comes to replacing the old carpet, the choices can be plenty like whether you want to go with dense or loose fibers, striped, striated or no pattern, the shade, etc.

Moreover, if you want to have the walls repainted, even then you must see the walls. The color and products you choose set the complete tone of the house and decide the time you spend in the house.

2. Expect The Unexpected

Home is not just a structure having a roof, floors, walls, and doors, instead, it is a place that holds multiple secrets. Those hidden treasures of the house can be brought to light by focusing well on the renovation process.

Let’s say the contractor, while taking measures for highly anticipated lvp flooring installation, informs you that your existing floor is uneven due to a shifted center joist. Then you would have to deal with the home inspector who missed it while inspecting the house. And you might need to have the floor joist repaired. This is just one example of expecting an unexpected event.

3. Renovate Your Kitchen First

Knowing the order of renovation is important while planning the renovation of the house. It is always advised to start from the kitchen as a good kitchen adds a huge value to the house’s overall worth. According to research, house owners can cover almost 75 percent of their kitchen renovation costs when they sell their house. Plan about all the materials and products that must go into the renovation of the kitchen such as tile delivery, appliances, cabinets, etc. An upgraded kitchen helps you better enjoy the place when you are in your home.

4. Be Specific About Design Ideas

The renovation project depends mainly on the design preferences. For that, you must have a meeting with a reputable and reliable interior designer. You can take inspiration from online platforms, decorating magazines, and design shows. Have a designer who is within your budget and also advise the designer to stay within your budget while giving design directions.

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